Online Neurocentric Brain Training

At Align for Performance, we offer brain training to improve athletic performance and help heal from traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions. The best part? We do it all online, with non-linear training that fits your schedule and your life in these challenging and uncertain times.

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Training Designed for Your New Reality

For years, the majority of the health and fitness community has been focused on promoting one-size-fits-all plans when it comes to rehabilitation, strength training and performance enhancement. Yet this narrow approach often doesn’t take into consideration the vast range of physical, mental and genetic factors that make each of us who we are. That’s why more and more trainers have begun to develop highly-personalized training plans for their clients.

Unfortunately, with the rise of COVID-19, getting training has become even more difficult, requiring time spent travelling and potentially putting yourself at risk to reach a facility or health practitioner.

But what if there was a different way to approach training in today's chaotic world?

  • What if instead of needing blocks of 90 minutes most days of the week, you could adjust your training, using the same tools from top performers to train as much or as little as you needed?
  • What if you knew how to use simple, minimally-priced equipment - such as resistance bands and your own body - to make the most efficient use of your time?
  • What if you could tell when an exercise should be pushed and when it should be reeled in without equipment?

At Align for Performance we developed the answer to these questions, with a unique online brain training program that uses the latest in technology and theory from the field of neurophysiology.

We customize each training session to your unique physical and physiological situation, allowing you to fit quality training into your life, whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you – all in a safe and secure online environment.

Non-Linear Online Brain Training

The core principle behind our online program is what was call "non-linear training". What that means is that we create programs that are robust and flexible enough to accommodate your life and the rapidly changing world around you, all while working with your central nervous system's ability to handle training on a given day.

If your schedule changes on a regular basis, or you need more flexibility in your health practice, our online program may be right for you. Our program allows you to move, play and unleash the full potential of your health – all entirely online and on your own time.

We currently work with numerous individuals, including those suffering from issues such as TBI, concussions, brain injury and other underlying neurological conditions who are hoping to seek pain relief, regain mobility or improve their quality of life. We can adapt our training to small groups and even offer the option for individuals to train with a family member or friend to make the process more enjoyable.

Our neurocentric online training is also perfect for athletes and coaches who are willing to look beyond the current model of fitness and take part in a real results-based movement system.

No matter who you are or what you're hoping to achieve, we can help with online, goal-oriented training that can improve performance, enhance health and relieve pain.

Utilizing the Z-Health Principles of Assessment & Reassessment

A key part of our online program is utilizing the principles of Z-Health, a training system created by renowned movement expert, Dr. Eric Cobb. This unique system uses custom training drills designed to bridge the gap between biomechanics and neuroscience. Z-Health techniques can help elite athletes perform at a higher level, as well as helping individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries or other neurological issues.

A key component of Z-Health is the idea of constantly assessing and reassessing your individual movements and responses in order to deliver meaningful results.

When most people train it's to test their tolerance to exercise rather than training based on achieving specific goals. That's what makes Z-Health different. It's not about putting stress and strain on your body. Instead, it's about building meaningful connections between your brain and your physiology.

What to Expect from Our Online
Training Sessions

At Align for Performance we know no two individuals are the same. That's why we tailor each
of our online sessions specifically to your unique needs and goals.

1 Assessment

We begin by meeting with you online over video chat to learn more about who you are, your health history and what your overall goals are. Once we have this information, we'll then design a comprehensive online training plan.

2Practice Drills

During each session we'll work online with you to carry out specific drills that are designed to test and improve your mobility, balance, vision, breathing and other functions. These drills use latest in neurophysiological research and training to build connections between your brain and your body to improve health and restore functionality.

3Self Assess & Reassess

During each online training session we'll work with you to self- assess and then reassess the results. That means knowing what works for your body. Every movement or drill you complete will be focused on figuring out if it's made things better, worse of no change at all. This constant iterative process is what's allowed us to help thousands of clients around the world reach new levels of health and wellbeing.

4Non-linear Program Design

A key part of our training is developing a non-linear program that can fit easily into your daily life (something that's particularly challenging given the rise of COVID-19). This means not only completing drills during our one-on-one video sessions, but also completing them whenever you have a spare moment, whether it's a few seconds in the car, in between making dinner or simply while you're out on a walk. These non-linear "micro-drills" might not seem like much, but over time they can have a dramatic impact in improving your health and performance.

5Reviews & Summary

After each of our online sessions, we'll follow up with you to make sure you're getting the most from your training. We'll also share emails, videos, research and articles to help support your health journey. We also keep detailed notes and track of your progress in order to help you see real change and lasting results.

At Align, we know the world is a different place, but we believe that now more than ever is the perfect time to take ownership of your physical and mental wellbeing. Our approach is to start small, think big and transform your life for the better.

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