Z-Health and the Science of Hope

Published On - 3 December, 2019By Alina Butunoi

My name is Alina Butunoi and I’m the founder of Align for Performance. Recently, I was invited to present at the Cross Generational Movement & Harvest Retreat at the Cortijo Caseria del Mercado in Spain – a unique event that brings health practitioners from around the world to share the latest in research, techniques and education.

During the retreat, I presented on a cutting-edge form of therapy we offer here at Align: Z-Health. This revolutionary therapy is a neurophysiological approach to the health journey and uses a brain-based theoretical approach by applying functional neurology to both enhance performance as well as helping to improve the recovery rate from injury.

At the retreat, I delved deeper into the principles of Z-Health and touched upon Align’s Three Pillars (Move Well, Balance Well, See Well) and how this unique approach allows us to personally tailor our training and therapeutic practices to the individual needs of our patients.

Another key part of the training was discussing  the principles of movement (a key component of Z-Health). In particular, I touched upon the importance of movement as a therapeutic element that releases endorphins and activates the brain, triggering a feedback loop that leads to improved performance and health. It’s why for Z-Health movement is so critical as a basic currency of life and a way to inspire change, renew hope and ultimately revitalize our patients’ goals.

Alina touched upon the importance of movement as a therapeutic element

The feedback from retreat participants was incredible! Many stated that the Z-Health methods I introduced have inspired them to begin and grow their own healing journey. In fact, one of the participants sent me a handwritten note afterwards that read: “You have literally changed my life! I have gone from a ‘couch potato’ to someone who has balance and great hope for my future health.” Other participants commented on how by taking some time each day to assess and reassess their training they felt motivated to continue forward on their healing journey. Thank you so much to all of the incredible participants who joined me at this amazing event!

The feedback from retreat participants was incredible

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