Published On - 1 July, 2019By Alina Butunoi

My experience with Alina and Z-Health is one that comes after a year of trying to heal with contemporary medicine. My sciatic and lower back pain had been giving me mental grief and limited my movement. Within 2 weeks of the exercises that I was trained to do, I became pain-free. I literally could move like I did previous to the pain. My life has changed significantly!!!!! I am exceptionally grateful for the care and training that Alina has provided me.

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Alina Butunoi

Alina Butunoi is one of Ottawa's most respected brain training and pain management practitioners. A previous nominee for the Ottawa 40 Under 40 business leaders, she is also a certified Movement Neurology Specialist with Z-Health, a cutting-edge neuro-exercise system that helps improve health, alleviate pain and maximize athletic performance.

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