Published On - 1 July, 2019By Alina Butunoi

I have been a client of Alina Butunoi since June 2014 after I was diagnosed with a brain injury. When I first started with her my balance was not good, there was a tremor on the left side of my face and my walking was very bad. After my first assessment my brain was not always receptive to the drills we went through, but I soon learned I was adapting nicely and wanting more of a challenge each week. I can now read from a book with reading glasses and can read the eye chart without glasses at 20/20. I could write a book on how she has helped me. Alina has magic hands and has improved me tremendously.

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Alina Butunoi

Alina Butunoi is one of Ottawa's most respected brain training and pain management practitioners. A previous nominee for the Ottawa 40 Under 40 business leaders, she is also a certified Movement Neurology Specialist with Z-Health, a cutting-edge neuro-exercise system that helps improve health, alleviate pain and maximize athletic performance.

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