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21 July, 2022

What Is the Vagus Nerve and Why Is It Important?

The vagus nerve connects the brainstem to the body and aids in multiple nervous system functions. Learn more about it here.

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21 March, 2022

How to Reduce Visual Fatigue in 6 Steps

We all have noticed an increase in the time we spend looking at screens during the pandemic. Whether it’s working from home, online schooling, workshops, watching TV or browsing for the next thing.

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11 August, 2021

The Key Habits of a Happy Brain: The Art of Taking Action

In this article, we look at how to break the cycle of procrastination and develop new habits that can lead directly to a happy and more effective brain.

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3 May, 2021

How to Unlock the Power of Breath

In this article we explore a series of unique exercises you can do in your own home to harness the power of breath to improve your brain, body and mind.

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17 February, 2021

What is Nerve Flossing (And How it Can Help Your Performance)

Nerve flossing is a simple but effective way to help relieve pain and tension in your body. Learn more about this unique process and how it can help you.

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3 November, 2020

The ABCs of Mobility Training

Over the past few years the idea of mobility training has become increasingly popular among health practitioners, coaches, athletes and rehabilitation experts. Unfortunately, there still remains a lot of confusion and misinformation.

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3 June, 2020

How to Calm the Vagus Nerve

One of the most important nerves in your body, the vagus nerve is also responsible for recovery from stressful “fight or flight” situations. Learn more about how to calm your vagus nerve down to improve performance and reduce stress.

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28 April, 2020

Letter for YOU

If there’s one thing to take away from these unprecedent times, it’s that slowing down and learning how to stay centered and grounded can be a huge source of comfort.

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3 January, 2020

How to Find Relief Using The Science of Pain

Did you know you can experience pain without actually having an injury? Learn more about the surprising connection between pain and the human brain.

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3 December, 2019

Z-Health and the Science of Hope

Learn more about Align's participation at the Cross Generational Movement & Harvest Retreat at the Cortijo Caseria del Mercado in Spain.

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