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At Align for Performance, we offer Ottawa a new approach to health, tapping into the latest in technology, research and time-honoured techniques to help our clients manage pain and heal from injuries.

We believe that the best way to improve your health is by offering a complete range of services that treats both your body and mind. That’s why we look at healing the muscles, joints and fascia, while also digging deeper into the true conductor of the body: your brain.

This unique approach to both the biomechanical and neurological is what separates us from other health providers, and is why we have one of the most successful treatment rates in the Ottawa area. It’s a revolutionary neuropsychological approach to your health journey.


Brain Training

We are fully certified from Z-Health, a precise, brain-based rehabilitation and high-performance training system specifically designed to bridge the gap between the current biomechanical model and emerging neuroscience.

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Pain Management

If you suffer from recurring pain issues, we can help through the use of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), an advanced system designed to relieve pain while restoring and realigning the body.

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Online Training

We offer brain training to improve athletic performance and help heal from traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions. The best part? We do it all online, with non-linear training that fits your schedule and your life in these challenging and uncertain times.

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4 June, 2024

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6 February, 2024

5 Concepts for Better Brain and Body Function

Did you know that brain based training can help your brain and body function better? Click here for five concepts for better brain and body function.

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